Pentart 1:1 125ml Super Glass Resin

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Product Overview

Pentart 125ml Super Glass Resin is perfect for coloring or transparency in your jewelry, 3D object, or mixed media decorations. Compliments with art micas, pigments, or flakes for extra sparkle and dimension. Recommended for smaller objects and surfaces.

How To Use

  1. Mix the two components in a 1:1 ratio by volume
  2. Pour mixture into silicone moulds or on top of desired object
  3. Remove the casted object after 24 hours of drying time
  4. Let sit outside of the mould for up to 72 hours until stiff


  • Thickness of layer should not exceed 20mm in moulds but you can layer on the mixture for added thickness
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean your tools, remove bubbles, or reach special effects
  • Use a cooking torch to remove bubbles

About Pentart

Imported from Europe, Pentart is one of the leading craft product manufacturerers in the world. Choose from premium decorations, accents, moulds, resins, and more. TH Decor is proud to carry one of the largest selections of Pentart products on the market.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review