Decoupage Tags - An Introduction to Decoupage Project Kit

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When I teach my in person students the art of decoupage, I always start with gift tags. I love this project for introducing people to the world of decoupage because it demonstrates how easy it is to create something both useful and beautiful with a few materials and basic knowledge. We don't get too fancy here with embellishments, but feel free to jazz them up however you want to.

I've broken it down step by step in a youtube video that shows you the basics of decoupage and how create this simple project. Whether you're new to decoupage or you want to gift the box to someone else, this is a great place to start.

Box included

1 special edition tag paper in size A3

1 Rice Paper (Forever yours or similar)

1 small decoupage glue

1 small white or ivory paint

1 flat paintbrush

1 ribbon

1 4 pack of mdf tags

1 sandpaper square



(No reviews yet) Write a Review