Lindy's Bavarian Blue Magical Shaker Shimmer Powdered Dye Shakers for Canvas, Mixed Media, Stencils, Journals, Decoupage

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All the high quality, crystalized dye you expect from our versatile Magicals in newly formulated colors just for shaking! These powdered dye shakers have more of a low key shimmer to appeal to everyone from paper crafters to artists alike. Easy shakers for sprinkled techniques to open lid colorizing options for all your artist mediums! These are the new "must haves" and in sought after primary colors to boot! Magical Shakers vs Magicals....that age-old question! They really are the same beast overall, just in different packaging, product quantity and a few minor tweaks. Some shaker colors, (the ones that don't match the sprays), have low key shimmer to appeal to everyone from paper crafters to artists alike, where the others are just like their matching sprays; full of shimmery goodness. Shakers have almost double the amount of glorious powder than the magical jars, which is why they seem pricier, (we really do try to give you the best bang for your buck). Hope that helps! Please be sure to check out all of our sections and check back often. We add new products weekly. We offer a beautiful selection of imported and domestic rice papers and tissue papers for decoupage and continue to add designs. Let us know if you are looking for something special and subscribe to our newsletter at for the latest updates and subscriber only secret sales.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review