Hobbilicious 3 Large Industrial Works Steampunk Tags Blank Chipboard MDF Laser Cut Pieces for Mixed Media, Art Journals, Home Decor

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We have put together this little set from our range of unique Tags which are normally sold as sets of three of the same design. But, this way if you really can’t decide which you like more, why not try one of each? Our Industrial Works set is only sold in XL size 3mm MDF (at the moment!), and this set comprises of one each of the following Tags: Mechanical Tag – 247mm x 104mm Honeycomb Tag – 245mm x 110mm Deco Cog Tag – 247mm x 100mm Made in United Kingdom Please be sure to check out all of our sections and check back often. We add new products weekly. We offer a beautiful selection of imported and domestic rice papers and tissue papers for decoupage and continue to add designs. Let us know if you are looking for something special and subscribe to our newsletter at for the latest updates and subscriber only secret sales.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review